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As professionals we value only the products of high quality and the workmanship of the highest level. This is the reason why we surround ourselves with the equipment of the best performance parameters which is additionally signed with the “Center-Gaz” brand. Hence, our company has fully professional production-service base, and also our own analytical laboratory.
dystrybucja gazuWe make every effort to ensure that every of our gas stand is in conformity with the EU standards.

We have prepared for you a fully flexible offer, and we always adjust our product assortment to our customers’ expectations and requirements, so that the final effect is fully satisfactory. Every non-standard project constitutes a challenge for us, and it opens for you the possibility of the performance which was difficult or just simply impossible to accomplish before.

The factors mentioned above result in the recognition in our trade, and thanks to that at present we are equal even to the biggest global concerns.

In our own filling station we are able to look after the full process of the preparation of gas mixtures and filling cylinders with both standard and non-standard gases.

Thanks to our own, fully equipped laboratory we can perform analyses of compressed and liquefied gases. The private specialist laboratory enables us full control of the process of the production of our products with guaranteeing you that you receive the product featured with the best expected parameters.

We feel obliged to maintain the highest competency of the staff service, and that is why, apart from the guarantee of receiving the product of the best class, we can provide you with professional advice. We are ready to help you to dispel any doubts you may have, all this out of concern that your expectations would be fulfilled.

Within the scope of our basic activity we are involved with the supply of compressed gases such as:

  • oxygen (2.5), (3.0)
  • acetylene
  • argon (4.0), (4.5), (4.8), (5.0)
  • welding mixtures of all types (mixtures with O2, CO2 and He, H2 and N2 in different percentage compositions)
  • carbon dioxide (2.5), (food-grade)
  • nitrogen (4.0), (4.5), (4.8), (5.0)
  • food-grade mixtures ((mixtures with O2, CO2 and N2 in different percentage compositions)
  • hydrogen (2.5), (5.0)
  • special gases (krypton), (xenon), (neon).

For special individual order we can prepare almost every type of gas or gas mixture with duly approved certificates. In case of need we can get to your place and help you in the selection of technical gases of appropriate parameters.

We provide our services to the most of the business sectors functioning in the market.
The sectors of metallurgy, manufacturing, food-processing, medical, electrochemical, paper, electronic etc. industries have trusted us. We still challenge ourselves to new things that find new applications and functionalities in other service areas.

Center-Gaz company offers you sale or lease of stationary cryogenic and portable cryogenic tanks of the capacity up to 1000 l, cylinder packs, dewars, and steel cylinders.

We are also involved in the attestation of the cylinders for both compressed and liquefied gases. In the portfolio of our services the repairs and maintenance of cylinders and vales are also included. Thanks to regular inspections a constant service of related equipment is possible.

The specialists additionally employed by us are occupied with the construction of gas systems for technical gases (for cylinder packs or tanks), special gases, and laser gases, too. Those systems are constructed with the use of proven components only. Thanks to that, both you and we are absolutely sure that the systems are tight and present the highest quality.

Besides we offer the sale of welding equipment.


butle wysokociśnienioweHigh-pressure cylinders
Our offer includes a wide range of high-pressure cylinders (200 bar). All cylinders are subjected to the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection and they guarantee the customers the highest possible and available safety level.

Cylinder systems
Thanks to cylinder systems we can offer the possibility of the connection of two or more cylinders. Cylinders can be connected as single ones or as groups. Cylinder systems increase the rate of unit gas flow or rotation of the packagings without the need of stopping the gas supply to the system.

Cylinder packs
Cylinder pack is a series of constantly connected cylinders. The outlet stub pipe is responsible for significant extension of the operating time without the need of the replacement of packages. Transportation is very easy. e.g. with forklift.

Cryogenic tanks
Big tanks are intended to store gases in liquefied state, which is inevitable when large quantities of gas are consumed. We have the full range of tanks of the capacity from 3 up to 60 m3. Obviously, all the services related to the necessity of the erection and connection of tanks are included in the scope of our realizations.

Mobile tanks
We offer various mobile tanks, thanks to which it is possible to store significant quantities of gases in liquefied state.

Cylinder packaging
Most of the gas products we offer as packed in the cylinders of the capacity from 20 up to 50 litres, as well as in the form of cylinder packs (the quantity of gas depends on the physical properties of the stored gas).

Our offer concerning the variants of available cylinders is presented in the Table below:

Compressed gases 2-4 m³ 3-5 m³ 5-7 m³ 6-12 m³ 70-130 m³
Acetylene 4 kg 5-8 kg 8-10 kg 80-160 kg
Carbon dioxide 12 kg 17,5 kg 26 kg 37,5 kg 300-400 kg

Our Distribution Department fulfils all the most rigorous standards applicable in the European Union.

The equipment of Center-Gaz company (including devices with compressed gases – tanks, fittings and accessories, automation systems, and their storage) and also the objects ensuring work safety, fire and explosion safety, as well as the personal protective equipment of various types and other HSE issues, including those related to the above, are subject to the UE directives, national legal acts, standards, appropriate instructions and guidelines, as well as the rules of the organizations involved in the production and use of compressed gases. All this is additionally based on our company internal system of rigorous standards in the scope of the work safety and work environment.