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About Us


Center-Gaz was established in 1994 at a time of turbulent political and economic changes in Poland. These were years of uncontrolled privatization of Polish industry, that favored big foreign businesses, including the most important one in the technical gas industry – Polgas. The times of liquidation of the only Polish carbide supplier (Polsin-Karbid) and practical monopolization of the carbide market in Europe. Quite quickly, the industry was dominated by globally operating lobbying organizations in favor of laws limiting access to the smaller markets, which should be understood here as Polish entities. Already at the beginning of our journey, an association of technical gases producers SPOGAT was established, of which we are a co-founder.

In difficult conditions and a strong competitive environment since the installation of the first liquid CO2 tank as a family business, which we are to this day, we have been building a leading position in the segment of independent companies, which currently occupies an estimated 14% share in the Polish market.

Present Day

Nowadays, Center-Gaz is a dynamically developing company focused on quality and implementation of innovations. Not only in the strictly technological area, but also in the area of logistics and effective management. We have a modern technical gas filling plant, where constant development work is carried out, thanks to which you always receive exactly the products you need. That is to say, of the highest quality. It is provided by a laboratory equipped with high quality analytical equipment and implemented CAM/SCADA class systems, ensuring monitoring and control of production processes.

Center-Gas is also a licensed propane bottling plant in Częstochowa. Our own logistic infrastructure, which enables effective and quick reaction to your changing needs. Technical service, offering the construction of an installation with extraction points in the production hall, and gasification station with the possibility of leasing or purchasing your own tank. Sales representatives and sales agency network, so that contact between us and our partners is easy and the cooperation brings you benefits and satisfaction.

But today’s Center-Gas is first and foremost about people. Ordinary and fond of their work. Constantly improving their skills for you.


Tomorrow is, of course, a riddle without a clear answer. But we are looking in this direction on our way, creating development plans and a strategy for future actions. There will certainly be better and better machines and equipment. Better and better software, measuring and control equipment. Maybe one day there will be an AI. But people and relations between them will always be the most important. You. Our employees.

Looking out into the future, we carefully fasten the belts on the baskets before the cars leave with the goods to you. As every day, we try to do our best. And we are constantly changing what we can influence for the better.

For decades we’ve been cooperating with manufacturers of cryogenic tanks known of high quality and best-to-date technology used in their products.

We supply compressed gases such as:

  • Oxygen (different purity classes)
  • Acetylene
  • Argon (different purity classes)
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrogen (different purity classes)
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Special gases (krypton, xenon, neon)

We hold a license to trade in liquid fuels. We are participants of the Reliable Company program.

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