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Our quality policy is built on the basis of four basic areas of our activity: production, transport, sales and service. In each of these areas we do everything to ensure that our customers receive what they expect and have more time to think about the most important things for them.


We carry out rigorous control of deliveries in a state-of-the-art laboratory.

We use high quality pressure vessels equipped with quality assurance equipment (residual valves, integrated valves). The tanks are subject to strict control and regular tests. Their placing on the market is also subject to strict procedures.

In the production process we carry out regular random quality checks of selected product series. Upon request, the customer can obtain a quality control certificate for any delivery.

The production process is supported by CAM/SCADA software. Computer-controlled temperature corrections allow us to maintain optimal parameters of compressed gases, also during winter.

It is possible to include the customer in the full system of tracking deliveries and raw materials, in accordance with the requirements for pharmaceutical companies, which is implemented in our company. It is not commonly used to not hinder cooperation with smaller customers who do not require such a system.

We constantly monitor and record the parameters of the production process in order to carry out our own development work on the basis of the collected data and constantly improve it for you.

Quality in transport

We have our own transport fleet, thanks to which we are able to deliver our products throughout the entire country.

Vehicles are equipped with a monitoring system, thanks to which we can strictly control the delivery process and react to random events and unforeseen circumstances.

Vehicles are regularly serviced.

Our drivers undergo regular training and constantly improve their knowledge, including in the field of transport of hazardous materials.

We strictly adhere to all regulations. We take care of careful cargo securing. The technical condition of the vehicles is checked before each departure.

Transported pressure vessels and tanks are subject to regular internal inspections and in accordance with the relevant regulations concerning technical supervision/transport technical supervision.

The logistics center in Częstochowa supervises the schedule and planned deliveries to you. Thanks to their efforts, everything is where it should be and exactly when it should be.

Quality in sales

Our primary goal in the sales process is to build lasting and real relations with our customers based on the implemented, certified and constantly developed quality system ISO 9000:2015 and ISO 22000.

A team of competent dealers and technical advisors will be pleased to provide you with direct advice and assistance. They like what they do, know what they are doing and are happy to answer your questions. We are all learning all the time, because in the world of modern technology knowledge is ageing very quickly.

A network of well-stocked agencies allows us to respond more quickly to your changing needs. Thanks to them, the phone will handle most of the issues at hand, and you feel that your reliable partner is always nearby.

We do our best to make sure that complaints are not made, and if they happen, we make sure that they are dealt with quickly and reliably and that the right conclusions are drawn for the future.

Quality in service

We cooperate with the industry’s best technology solution providers such as Cryostar, Taylor-Wharton, GCE, Rotarex, Inox India, Chart-Ferox and others. We use only certified materials and fittings from proven and reputable suppliers.

We follow the latest trends and solutions on the market, implement them according to the needs and possibilities, constantly improving the knowledge of our service personnel.

We carry out constant monitoring and registration of working conditions of technical infrastructure equipment, quickly reacting to any irregularities.

In addition to inspections resulting directly from the regulations on technical supervision, we also carry out a systematic inspection of all equipment under our care in accordance with the established schedules of periodic inspections. Our goal is to avoid failure and not to immediately remove its effects.

The safety of our employees during the execution of tasks as well as yours – as the operators of our installations, we always and absolutely put the first place, without leaving room for even a small compromise.

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